Choose Your Flavors

We believe cakes should be delicious and gorgeous. We serve fabulous, southern flavors and use only the freshest and finest ingredients.  We mix in small, hand crafted batches to produce the flavors of my childhood...from our farm, from our heart.

Below are our proven winners. Browse a while and I'm sure you'll find something that makes you say "Yum!"

Cake Flavors


French Vanilla
a delicious vanilla cake that is light and fluffy and very moist. It pairs well with everything.

Sour Cream Pound 
a true southern pound cake - dense and delicious and pairs well with everything, but we think it is GREAT with buttercream or cream cheese.

Perfect Chocolate 
we mean chocolate. This chocolate cake is rich and chocolately and pairs great with our chocolate fudge or buttercream or cream cheese for a bit lighter option.

luscious and lemony and so moist and delicious! It pairs well with our lemon cream, but also with cream cheese or buttercream and a shop favorite is with our STRAWBERRY icing.  Makes a fabulous strawberry lemonade cake. Yum!

Red Velvet 
a true southern red velvet. We start with a buttermilk cake with the classic cocoa and vinegar. Super moist and so yummy! Traditionally paired with cream cheese icing but do experiment.

Fresh Strawberry 
a strawberry explosion. Our cake is pink because of all the strawberries baked into the batter and so berry good. This was my sweet Great Aunt Jessie's recipe. Super with our strawberry icing or cream cheese or buttercream.

Mississippi Sweet Potato
our signature flavor.  A buttermilk based cake that is FULL of sweet potatoes.  Silky smooth with a flavor that leaves you wanting more.  Old, favorite recipe.  Pairs great with the spice icing or cream cheese or caramel.

Key Lime 
tart and sweet and outrageously moist. Pairs great with our key lime icing or with cream cheese or buttercream.

Almond Pound
delicious, mild almond pound.  This melts in your mouth.

not your ordinary carrot. This is a buttermilk based cake with everything and it is rich and moist and dense and fantastic. The shop favorite cake, hands down. Pairs well with a fork and a glass of milk...and either cream cheese or the white chocolate cream or the spiced cream. It pairs well with everything...contains pecans.

Italian Cream Cake
WOW! A tender buttermilk and coconut cake with flavorful southern pecans. Yum. One bite…you’re all in. This traditionally pairs with cream cheese, but we think it's fantastic with chocolate and with the spice AND with the Amaretto velvet.  Contains pecans.

Hummingbird Cake
The original recipe from 1978  - so moist and decadent with bananas and pineapple and pecans...all together for a true southern legacy cake.

PREMIUM (will incur additional cost)

Hot Buttered Rum 
we spare no expense with this cake. We use a quality gold rum that is baked in the batter and then basted with a hot buttererd rum toddy before we finish the cake. YUM. Definite alcohol flavor...contains pecans.

chocolate and vanilla swirled together into an intoxicating blend of deliciousness.  Great when you just can't choose between chocolate or vanilla!


*NOTE:  We are not a celiac safe kitchen, for there is flour in our kitchen. :)

  • Sweet Potato
  • Hummingbird
  • Red Velvet
  • Chocolate

Icing/ Filling Flavors


  • Chocolate Mousse Buttercream - chocolatey and silky and amazing.
  • Signature Vanilla Buttercream - smooth and creamy, classic American buttercream
  • Classic Cream Cheese - simple, rich and decadent.
  • Fresh Strawberry - so berry, berry good. Full of fresh strawberry flavor and smells so strawberry-delicious. Made with fresh strawberries.
  • Caramel - what southern bakery would be complete without a smooth and creamy fabulous caramel? It is crazy good.
  • Lemon Zinger - Made with real lemon juice and lemon zest for an incredible tart, lemon explosion.
  • Key Lime - tart and sweet and creamy and fabulous.
  • White Chocolate Mousse Buttercream - a white chocolate, silky, experience
  • Spiced Cream - fall and spicey and fragrant and I need some right now!
  • Peanut Butter Cream - OH WOW, said the peanut butter fan. It's that good.
  • Amaretto Velvet - creamy amaretto icing that is luxurious and decadent.

EXTRAS (additional fees)

  • Raspberry Compote - robust raspberry flavor. Amazing tart and tangy and fruity.
  • Pecans - from local South Carolina growers

* All cake flavors are available for classic and mini cupcakes (minimum orders apply.)

Premium cake flavors available for additional costs.

Staff Picks:

Red Celvet
with Amaretto Velvet

Sweet Potato
with Spiced Cream

Sweet Potato
with Caramel Fill

with Cream Cheese Fill

Tom (Bonnie's Husband)
with Caramel

with Cream Cheese Fill

Key Lime
with Amaretto Velvet

with Amaretto Velvet

Key Lime
with Strawberry Fill

with Cream Cheese