Coronaviru Policies

Bonnie Brunt Cakes is taking the Coronavirus seriously.  We are following all the guidelines issued by SCDHEC and the CDC.  We run a clean and tidy shop and have stepped it up even more. You should know this virus is not a foodborn illness, so it will not transfer through food.  Your cakes are safe. 😊

What we are doing for you over the next few weeks or until things settle out:

Curbside Service For Cake Pick Ups

If you have ordered from us and plan to pick up over the next few weeks, come on out to the farm and enjoy some fresh air.   Pull up and give us a call. Stay in your car and we will walk your cake out and place it in your car. No hugs or handshakes like normal, but still, all our love and gratitude!

Cake Consultations

We still want you to try our cakes.  We still want to laugh with you and personally help you plan your cake.  For the next few weeks, we are NOT offering in-shop consultations. Instead, we’re going to offer you some options.  If you wedding is 6 months out or later, kindly reschedule your consultation. We’ll meet with you later and take great care of you.  You will NOT lose your date. If your wedding is within the next 5 months, we’re going to mail a tasting kit to your door for a reduced rate of $25.  Then, send us photos and your thoughts. We’ll schedule a time to chat and I’ll work on a sketch for you through email. We can enjoy some fun over the phone…and keep that social distance. 😊


We are still providing deliveries when necessary.  We will be keeping our distance from you and other vendors, which is UNUSUAL for us.  But, we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. We’ll be in and out, making sure to get the job complete…but no extra socializing.  Remember, social distancing. 😊

Postponed Events

If your wedding or special event is affected by this time and you need to postpone, we will postpone with you.  There is only one week this whole year that we are unavailable and that is the week of July 4. We are going on vacation.  If it is NOT that week, no matter what we have scheduled, we will make your rescheduled date work. We guarantee it. More stress on you is not an option from this cake shop.


Sometimes, cancellations are unavoidable.  If you have to cancel due to the COVID, we will work with you.  Our deposits are non refundable, but we will work with you to the best of our ability.  Always, more notice is better.

How WE are impacted

We are an all woman shop.  We do love our men, we just don’t work with any. 😊 We are mothers of young children dealing with school closings needing extra time.  We are daughters of aging parents needing extra care and errands run because we don’t want them getting exposed.  We are wives and girlfriends trying to keep up with our lives and our work. We are you! Just human beings trying our best to be good humans beings – trying to help others.  Be patient with us, because though we are just a cake shop, we’re struggling to make our way through this unknown time also.  

Be patient.  Be kind. Be good to each other…and Eat CAKE!